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Reviews we’ve received from happy customers. Expect 5 Star Service.

Jimmy Garst
I have used this company for mowing and landscaping. Nothing but positive things to say about this company.

Nancy Quinn Kelly
Mountain Man honors their commitments, does quality work at a reasonable price.

Krys Bacon
My wife and I live in a cabin with limited yard and parking space. We were looking for a solution for both issues, so we called Mountain Man Landscaping. After meeting with Adam, the owner, together we came up with a design to create a parking area that could also be used for recreational seating. The project turned out as we discussed, making the space very versatile. Quality products were used along with variety of vegetation, while keeping within budget. We are happy with our decision and enjoy the results. Glenn and Krys Bacon

Melvin Hopewell

This crew is absolutely amazing.
Let me tell you this story.
We started out on a journey to widen our driveway after Oliver was awarded a Jayco Traver Trailer for his Make-a-wish. We wanted this for him to better control his environment when we go places. Well I started this gofundme for him and this project on 5-16-2020 after I had gotten two different estimates on what this project would cost one from Conrad Construction and Paramount Construction which we had worked with before and who had the lower bid we went forward. I paid the deposit to get on the schedule and get this job started on July 5th 2020 to Paramount Construction. After weeks of no activity I began to poke the contractor to get some answers as to when we could get started. This was mostly met with either no answer or an excuse blaming his excavator. It seemed like it was something different everytime so on August 14th I requested a refund of our deposit and began to look for another contractor to do the work. I contacted the contractor with the higher bid and he assured me he would give me a call the next week when he wasn’t so covered up and at the end of that next week I called again. I was told again he would get back to me and again I had to get in touch with him. I had yet another contractor come out and he gave me an estimate on the job that was higher than the others but I was getting desperate and willing to pay the extra. He left his estimate and I could not get a return call or text back from him. I had the money for the deposit but couldn’t get anyone to take it….I was more than frustrated!! I reached out online to get some names of places I could call. Called a few places and no one ever called back. Enter Mountain Man Landscaping!!! Sent the first message on September 21st and Adam Dougal responded back and began to guide me on some things I may need to find out from the city and get done to get started and we scheduled a time to meet on October 2nd 2020 at which time we missed each other. I sent him a message and he immediately fixed that coming by on the next day with Carly Bowlen which was Saturday to look at the project. He was very honest with me telling me we would need to add a culvert because there didn’t appear to be one and had me to get in touch with the city to get a permit which I didn’t know I needed. We scheduled the project which was about 3 weeks out and spent some time talking getting to know each other and was ready to once again move forward. As soon they left I told Amy I had a very good feeling about these people. Adam did many things to help curb the price. He got half off the culvert (which we ended up not even needing) donated and just seemed to be a genuinely good guy and at this point I’m still cynical waiting for that other shoe to drop again. His crew, Carley Bowlen, and Kris Raper who offered to help with no pay came to start on October 19th we were not even home from camping yet but that didn’t stop them! They finished the project on October 20th 2020!!! They let the boys put their handprints in the concrete and let us write their names in. So as they were winding down I asked for the final bill and Carley wrote it out…it was $2800.00. Would have been $4300.00 with the culvert which was more than the original bid from either Paramount Construction or Conrad Construction but I was so happy with the finished product it was definitely more than worth it. I got the money together as we were writing checks from both our accounts. We paid $200.00 in cash and wrote checks for $1100.00 and $1500.00. I took it all outside and told them how happy I was with the job and the way it looked and thank you…we were just talking and all of the sudden he asks, “what you gonna do with the extra money you saved on the culvert?” I said I hadn’t even thought about it I was just glad it worked out that way. We talked some more then he asked again, “what you gonna do with the money you saved, would you take the boys on another camping trip?” And I said that’s definitely something we would do. At this point something happened that I never expected and will NEVER forget in my life!! After all we had been through and fought for just to get this project going Adam looked me right in the eye and said, “now you can take them on a bunch of camping trips” as he tore up both checks!!!!! I am still trying to process this!! These people don’t know us at all and felt it in their heart to bless our family!!! My faith in humanity has been llifted to another level!!! There is so much God in all of this that he put us together with this crew of great people!!! Little did we know that Carley and Adam had decided to do more to help us out and started there own gofundme to help our boys!!! These are not the normal things I’m used to people doing!!! Thank you so much Adam Dougal, Carley Bowlen, and Kris Raper!!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND MOUNTAIN MAN LANDSCAPING!